The Derek Moore
Student Research

This award recognises and promotes the contribution made to Welsh ornithology by undergraduate and masters level students researching birds in Wales. It is given in memory of Derek Moore, a conservation champion and former chairman of WOS.

Who qualifies? Any full- or part-time undergraduate or masters student who writes a dissertation based on a study of birds in Wales. The entrant must have completed the field work for their dissertation in Wales and must be available to accept the award in person and present a poster on their dissertation at the WOS annual conference. Dissertations completed in the current or previous calendar year can be submitted.

Who can nominate? Either the student undertaking the work or their tutor (with the student’s agreement).

How is it judged? WOS Council will select the study that they consider to be the best in furthering the knowledge and conservation of birds in Wales.

What do they win? A cheque for £200 and an invitation to make a short presentation at the WOS Annual Conference, and to submit a paper, based on their dissertation, for publication in the WOS journal, Birds in Wales.

How do I enter? The application form and guidance notes can be found and downloaded in Word or PDF here. 

When can I enter?  Applications for the 2022 award will open in July 2022 and completed applications must be received by 30 September 2022, following the guidance from the website. 

Who has received a Student Research Award? 

2021 – Luke Beckett, for Long-term population recovery of Dippers Cinclus cinclus in urban South Wales in relation to river quality and prey use. Read about his study here.

2020 – Olivia Norris, for research on  the impacts of mictoplastics on Puffins on Skomer and also on the zooplankton and sand eels too. She found that 97% of samples had micro plastics in them and that 1,140 micro plastics were found during the study.

2019 – Jack Devlin, for research on Pheasant diet and their impact on upland landscapes.

2018 – Joe d’Souza for a research study on the incidence of plastics pollution affecting urban Dippers in South Wales.

> 2017 – Libby Brooks (Cardiff University), for a study on habitat dynamics impacting on Pied Flycatcher breeding.

› 2016 – Cathryn Tyrrell (Cardiff University), for a DNA study of the diet of birds.
› 2015 – Emma-Louise Cole (Swansea University), for a study of the breeding biology of Honey Buzzards in South Wales.
› 2013 – Stacey Melia (Aberystwyth University), for a study of the diet of Ospreys nesting on the Dyfi estuary.
› 2014 – Faith Jones (Bangor University), for a spatial analysis of Oystercatchers on Traeth Lafan SPA.

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