Re-introduction of Golden Eagles in Snowdonia?

There’s been considerable press publicity over the past month about the possibility of re-introducing Golden Eagles to Wales. Birders may have found some of the press articles a bit confusing, since there are currently two proposals for re-introduction.

WOS Conference goes virtual!

WOS will be following its participation in Virtual Birdfair with a virtual conference, around our usual date in early November. Council is currently preparing a packed programme of presentations, reports and competitions. Watch this space – and don’t forget that Iolo’s video from Virtual Birdfair is still available for the next two months.

WOS is at Virtual Birdfair

Have you been online to check out the Virtual Birdfair yet? Typically, we would have our iconic red kite peg board in full swing and be talking to guests about the wonderful wildlife of Wales. Instead this year we will be exhibiting online. We’ll also have a talk narrated by Iolo Williams later in the event.

Derek Moore Student Research Award 2020

Applications for the 2020 award are now open and completed applications must be received by 30 September 2020, following the guidance from the website. In 2020 the WOS November conference will be a virtual event, but will include the announcement of the winning entry and hopefully the presentation can be made online! Watch the website for details of the 2020 Virtual Conference!

Our common garden birds need your love! Show your love by sponsoring one of them for the new Birds in Wales.

With the wealth of valuable material and photographs we’ve gathered, WOS Council has agreed to expand the book from its original 480 pages to a revised total of 608 and this inevitably means that the costs have increased. It’s not a bottomless bucket that we’re seeking to fill (unlike most government IT contracts!) but we do need more sponsorship support to fill the bucket. Help this sad looking Robin to feel it’s loved!

Let’s celebrate World Curlew Day

21st April is World Curlew day, after St Beuno their patron saint. Curlews are magical birds – they have inspired poetry and paintings. We know how threatened Curlews are as a Welsh breeding species and we need all the records we can gather – even under the COVID-19 lockdown.

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