WOS review of 2020 is now on our YouTube channel!

We’re sorry this has been so delayed, but the WOS review of 2020 is now up and running on our YouTube channel at It has a great introduction from Iolo Williams, our President, and lots of news on current BTO research in Wales. There’ll be more to come from the RSPB later.

The ‘Birds of Wales / Adar Cymru’ is due to be published on 1st July – you can now take up the pre-publication offer at £25 – saving £20!

Many WOS supporters have had a hand in this venture: those who sponsored species accounts in order to help WOS fund its publication, those who authored one or more of the 451 accounts, the photographers who donated some wonderful images, Philip Snow who has painted the cover artwork, and the editors who have spent the last two years managing the project. Any WOS member who has ever undertaken a survey or contributed a sighting to their county recorder has played their part too. But the real stars, of course, are the birds. Read more about it here.

Diversity and inclusion / Datganiad Amrywiaeth a Chynhwysiant

Diversity and inclusion
A love of and interest in the natural world ought to unite people regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or any other aspect of personal identity or interests. People should be able to feel safe while out in nature, free to learn, experience or simply be. Sadly, this is clearly not the case.
Too often, women and members of marginalised groups are excluded, belittled, harassed or verbally or physically abused. This is unacceptable; we, as a community, have an obligation to stand in support of those who are made to feel unwelcome or unsafe, and against those who would engender such feelings.
The Welsh Ornithological Society supports diversity, equality and inclusiveness and stands in opposition to hatred, bigotry, violence and harassment. Those who would seek to diminish, marginalise or harm others are not welcome in our community.

Datganiad Amrywiaeth a Chynhwysiant
Dylai cariad at, a diddordeb ym myd natur, uno pobl waeth beth fo’u rhyw, hil, ethnigrwydd, crefydd, cenedligrwydd, cyfeiriadedd rhywiol neu unrhyw agwedd arall ar ei hunaniaeth neu ddiddordebau personol. Dylai pobl allu teimlo’n ddiogel wrth dreulio amser allan ym myd natur, yn rhydd i ddysgu, i fwynhau’r profiad neu, yn syml iawn, i fod yn nhw eu hunain. Yn anffodus, mae’n amlwg nad yw hyn yn wir.
Yn rhy aml, mae menywod ac aelodau grwpiau sy’n cael eu gwthio i’r cyrion yn cael eu cau allan, eu bychanu, eu haflonyddu neu eu cam-drin ar lafar neu’n gorfforol. Mae hyn yn annerbyniol; mae’n rhaid i ni, fel cymuned, fod yn gefn i’r rhai sy’n cael eu gwneud i deimlo’n ddigroeso neu’n anniogel, ac i wrthwynebu’r rhai a fyddai’n ennyn teimladau o’r fath.
Mae Cymdeithas Adareg Cymru yn cefnogi amrywiaeth, cydraddoldeb a chynhwysiant ac yn gwrthwynebu casineb, rhagfarn, trais ac aflonyddu. Nid oes croeso yn ein cymuned i’r rhai a fyddai’n ceisio bychanu, cau allan neu’n niweidio eraill.

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