WOS at Birdfair 2017

For the second year running, WOS had a stand at Birdfair, once again next to our good friends from the Wildlife Trust for South and West Wales.   

Over the three days we made a lot of new friends, with Friday the main day for died-in-the-wool birders and more families and casual visitors over the weekend. The kite pegboard helped several visitors to win bottles of wine 
and the day’s birding with Iolo Williams was won by a couple from Devon who came closest to estimating the number of Guillemots in the photograph – the £1 they paid was a lot less than the £800 bid in the auction for a similar day with Iolo!

We’ll be at Birdfair again in 2018, after which we’ll review. Any members willing to help out on the stand next year will be much appreciated – and you’ll be able to wear one of our prized polo shirts!

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