Our journal: Birds in Wales

Birds in Wales (previously Welsh Birds) is the official journal of the Welsh Ornithological Society. It is published twice each year, in January and July. The January issue is primarily devoted to the Welsh Bird Report and the annual report on bird ringing in Wales (currently edited by Julian Hughes); the July issue (currently edited by Rhion Pritchard) contains papers and notes on birds in Wales of general interest.

The back catalogue
It is Council’s ambition to digitise the archive of our journal to make its contents more widely available to its members and the wider public. In the short term, however, an index of papers that have featured in the journal to date can be downloaded here.

Contributing to Birds in Wales
Papers for Birds in Wales are welcomed by the Editor on any aspect of Welsh ornithology. The Society is keen that the journal should accurately reflect present ornithological activity in Wales and hopes that all workers, professional and amateur, with results of studies in Wales will always consider publishing information about these here. All papers are reviewed by the Editor and an independent referee. Authors should follow the format of papers published in the journal; guidelines can be downloaded here.

Papers are accepted in either Welsh or English, and the abstract is published in both languages. In accordance with standard international practice, papers in Welsh should be supplied with captions to tables and figures in both Welsh and English.

Short notes on interesting or unusual features of behaviour recorded in Wales are also welcomed. An accumulation of such items is of considerable value. Notes should be short and succinct, ideally of not more than half a page in length. Notes may be submitted in either Welsh or English.

The deadline for the July issue of Birds in Wales is 31 May, though if you are planning to contribute a paper, it is helpful if you can contact the editor, Rhion Pritchard, ahead of this to discuss content and length.