Danielle Rouse

Danielle was co-opted on to the Council in 2017 and elected a a Trustee in 2018 (term ends 2023). Dan is a wildlife presenter, author and ornithologist. She spends the majority of her time sharing her expertise on wildfowl and hybrid wildfowl as well through her time with WWT. She also runs a bird tours company and a clothing brand with her other half.

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Current login problems

A quick message to all members:  we are currently changing our membership system and that means new passwords for all members.   Letters giving you the new details are on their way but may take a bit longer than usual to arrive.   In the meantime, you may have problems logging in to the membership areas.

Due to these problems we have made all membership areas accessible without logging in for the time being.

If you are having ongoing problems please contact the membership secretary with your login details and problems.

Apologies for the timing of changing passwords and arrival of letters has not happened in quite the right sequence. Thank you for your continued support of Welsh Ornithological Society.