Small grants in 2013

We can only help support Wales’ birds if we understand where and how they live. Conservation work based on well-disseminated, good quality research work is crucial, and we are fortunate in the UK that such activities are undertaken by both professional organisations and expert, unpaid volunteers. In 2013, grants were awarded to two groups who are working to help Wales’ birds. The results of these studies will appear in future issues of our journal, Birds in Wales.

Project: Investigating patterns of habitat use in breeding Welsh Twite
Project group: Zac Hinchcliffe (MSc at Bangor University, supervised by BTO Cymru)
Objective: To investigate patterns of habitat use in breeding Welsh Twite, to inform grassland management at the Nant Ffrancon species recovery project
Grant awarded: £800 for geolocators to track Twite

Project: Little ringed plovers in the Afon Tywi
Project group: Alexander Royan (PhD at Birmingham University)
Objective: To assess the vulnerability of nesting Little Ringed Plovers to hydrological disturbance.
Grant awarded: £500 for data loggers to monitor water flow in the Tywi over three seasons