Small grants in 2012

We can only help support Wales’ birds if we understand where and how they live. Conservation work based on well-disseminated, good quality research work is crucial, and we are fortunate in the UK that such activities are undertaken by both professional organisations and expert, unpaid volunteers. In 2012, grants were awarded to three groups who are working to help Wales’ birds. The results of these studies will appear in future issues of our journal, Birds in Wales.

Project: Tracking of Manx shearwaters from Ramsey Island, Pembrokeshire
Project group: RSPB and OxNav Group, Oxford University.
Objective: Use geolocators to study feeding and wintering areas of Manx shearwaters from Ramsey Island and to assess how the recent rapid increase in the shearwater population (following the eradication of rats) is being fuelled
Grant awarded: £500 to purchase five of the 12 geolocators

Project: Cors Gorch Yellowhammer winter food project
Project group: North Wales Wildlife Trust.
Objective: Support a winter population of yellowhammers in Anglesey by planting an arable crop specificially for seed-eating birds, using the site as a demonstration area to inspire local landowners
Grant awarded: £500 towards sowing and cultivating the crops

Project: Migratory navigation and behaviour of the Atlantic Puffin
Project group: Oxford Navigation Group, Oxford University
Objective: Collect year-round data on movement and behaviour of puffins, using miniature geolocation devices, enabling an understanding of the overwinter routes and destinations of adults, identification of critical stopover and foraging areas
Grant awarded: £500 to purchase five of the 15 geolocators