Rarity Tracker 2017

cattle egret (Steve Culley)

This page lists rare birds that were reported by Birdguides.com or to the Welsh Records Panel Secretary in 2017. Please note that WOS does not substantiate these records until they have been considered by the Welsh Records Panel. From the beginning of 2018, the Rarity Tracker has been discontinued, but monthly reports of rare and scarce sightings are summarised monthly on the front page of the website with links to full reports.

If you have seen a rarity listed here, we urge you to submit a description to the BBRC or WRP – even if you were not the original finder – where you see that none has been sent in.

BBRC – species for which the British Birds Rarities Committee requires a description
WRP – a species for which the Welsh Records Panel requires a description
Sub – a description has been submitted to the relevant committee
Acc – the relevant committee has accepted the record

The records are shown in the date order in which they were first reported, with January at the top and the most recent reports at the bottom.

Surf scoter (up to 6)23/9/16 - 13/2 (6 on 1/12/16)Llanddulas-Old Colwyn, Denbighshire, and Rhos Point, CaernarfonshireO
American wigeon3/12/16 - 5/3Gann estuary, PembrokeshireOOO
Cattle egret6/12/16 - 2/4Newport, PembrokeshireOOO
Cattle egret (5 to 4/4, then 7 birds)25/12/16 - 24/4Pont Marcwis area, AngleseyOOO
Ring-billed gull19/12/16 - 16/2Llys-y-fran Reservoir, PembrokeshireO
Ring-necked duck1/1Cors Caron, CeredigionO
Siberian chiffchaff (tristis)1/1Monk's Haven, PembrokeshireO
Siberian chiffchaff (tristis) (2 on dates between 4/1 - 4/3)2/1 - 25/3Cardiff Bay, East GlamorganO
Surf scoter4/1Pendine, CarmarthenshireOOO
Siberian chiffchaff (tristis) (up to 2)8/1 - 18/2Porthmadog, CaernarfonshireO
Siberian chiffchaff (tristis)15/1 - 24/2Brecon sewage works, BrecknockOOO
Red-necked grebe15/1 - 19/1Penmon, AngleseyOOO
Siberian chiffchaff (tristis)18/1Bute Park, East GlamorganO
Siberian chiffchaff (tristis)21/1Port Eynon Point, GowerO
Surf scoter (up to 2)22/1 - 12/2Rhosilli Bay, GowerO
Temminck's Stint26/1Morfa Madryn, CaernarfonshireOOX
Bearded tit31/1 - 15/2Dolydd Hafren, MontgomeryshireOOO
Red-flanked bluetail26/1 - 21/2Caerphilly, East GlamorganOOO
Siberian chiffchaff (tristis)1/2 - 11/2Abergele, DenbighshireOOO
Black scoter (probable)5/2Burry Holms, GowerO
Green-winged Teal6/2Connah's Quay NR, FlintshireOOO
Surf scoter8/2 - 10/2Burry Holms, GowerO
Cattle egret10/2, 4/4Nolton Haven, then Broad Haven, PembrokeshireO
Siberian chiffchaff (tristis)1/2 and 11/2Aberdare, East GlamorganOOO
Siberian chiffchaff (tristis)12/2Private garden, FlintshireO
Crane13/2 - 14/2Goodwick, PembrokeshireOOO
Ring-necked duck16/2 - 4/3Pond Rhosrhydd, CeredigionO
Ring-billed gull23/2Aberystwyth, CeredigionO
Ring-billed gull28/2 - 13/3Gann estuary, PembrokeshireOOO
Cattle egretFeb-Mar (various dates)Abergele, DenbighshireOOO
Cattle egret12/3Bosherton, PembrokeshireOOO
Cattle egret15/3 - 26/3St Athan, East GlamorganOOO
Siberian chiffchaff (tristis) - 2 18/3Marloes Mere, PembrokeshireO
Cattle egret18/3 - 3/4Newport Wetlands/Magor Marsh, GwentO
Caspian gull19/3-27/3, 12/7Llanrhystud, Ceredigion, then Newport, PembrokeshireOOO
Ring-billed gull23/3Aberystwyth, CeredigionOOO
Common crane (3)25/3, 26/3Skokholm, Pembrokeshire, then New Quay, Ceredigion, and City Dulas, AngleseyOOO
Shorelark27/3RSPB South Stack, AngleseyO
Ring-necked duck27/3, 5/4 - 17/4Cosmeston Lakes CP, then Cardiff Bay, East GlamorganOOO
Baltic Gull (reported)29/3Spytty, GwentO
Red-rumped Swallow30/3Newport Wetlands, GwentO
Cattle egret (2) - reportedly present in area for 4 weeks3/4Llanrhwydrus, AngleseyO
Bonaparte's gull7/4Llangorse Lake, BrecknockshireOOO
Lesser yellowlegs7/4 - 16/4Laugharne, CarmarthenshireO
Common redpoll (6)8/4Great Orme, CaernarfonshireOOO
Cattle egret8/4 - 13/4Bosherton Lily Ponds, PembrokeshireO
Mealy Redpoll11/4Bardsey, CaernarfonshireOOO
Pallas's warbler (ringed)18/4Bardsey, CaernarfonshireOOO
Eastern Subalpine Warbler (probable)20/4Skomer, PembrokeshireO
Black kite21/4RSPB Conwy, DenbighshireOOX
Common crane22/4Goldcliff Lagoons, GwentO
Common crane22/4Carnhedryn, PembrokeshireO
Red-necked phalarope25/5Pen-y-fan, BrecknockshireOOX
Temminck's stint27/4Great Orme, CaernarfonshireO
Crested tit28/4Brechfa, CarmarthenshireOOX
Surf scoter29/4Great Orme, CaernarfonshireOOO
Black-browed albatross (possible)30/4Pwllheli, CaernarfonshireO
Broad-billed Sandpiper1/5 - 2/5Beddmanarch Bay, AngleseyO
Cattle egret (up to 8)1/5 - 23/6Borth/Ynys Las, CeredigionOOO
Temminck's stint (2 from 2/5, 3 from 13/5)1/5 - 14/5Newport Wetlands, GwentOOO
Golden oriole3/5 - 5/5Bardsey, CaernarfonshireO
Ring-billed gull3/5 - 31/5Ynys Las, CeredigionOOO
Citrine wagtail6/5 - 7/5Morfa Madryn, CaernarfonshireOOO
Purple heron6/5, 9/5Bosherton Lily Ponds, then Goodwick, PembrokeshireOOO
Red-footed falcon6/5 - 7/5Alaw estuary, AngleseyOOO
Red-backed shrike (probable)7/5Gann estuary, PembrokeshireO
Pallas's warbler (ringed Spurn, Oct 2016)7/5Bardsey, CaernarfonshireO
Dark-eyed junco8/5Skomer, PembrokeshireO
Cattle egret8/5National Wetlands Centre, CarmarthenshireO
Melodious warbler8/5Llandudno, CaernarfonshireO
Eastern subalpine warbler8/5Skomer, PembrokeshireO
Red-footed falcon11/5 - 13/5Plumstone Mountain, then Strumble Head, PembrokeshireOOO
Dark-eyed junco (photographed in a garden)12/5Dolgellau, MeirionnyddO
Caspian gull13/5RSPB Conwy, DenbighshireOOO
Purple heron13/5 - 21/5Kenfig NNR, East GlamorganOOO
Bee-eater14/5Cemlyn Bay, AngleseyOOO
Subalpine warbler sp.14/5Great Orme, CaernarfonshireOOO
Black-throated thrush (reported)14/5Moss Valley CP, DenbighshireO
Bee-eater14/5Strumble Head and Abercastle, PembrokeshireO
Iberian chiffchaff (possible)16/5 - 17/5Great Orme, CaernarfonshireO
Bee-eater (2+ heard)17/5Rhossilli Bay, GowerO
Stone-curlew (reported)20/5RAF Valley, AngleseyO
Cattle egret22/5 - 8/6Bosherton Lily Ponds, PembrokeshireOOO
Crag martin25/5Lake Vyrnwy, MontgomeryshireO
White-tailed eagle26/5Criccieth, CaernarfonshireOOX
Bluethroat (ringed)27/5Skokholm, PembrokeshireOOO
Red-backed shrike27/5 - 28/5Penrhos CP, AngleseyOOO
American golden plover27/5 - 31/5Gann estuary, PembrokeshireOOO
Siberian chiffchaff (tristis)29/5Skokholm, PembrokeshireO
Great snipe29/5 - 30/5Borth Bog, CeredigionO
Red-backed shrike30/5Bardsey, CaernarfonshireO
Temminck's stint31/5Cemlyn lagoon, AngleseyOOO
American golden plover1/6Llanfwrog, AngleseyOOO
Marsh warbler (ringed)2/6Skokholm, PembrokeshireOOO
Cattle egretvarious dates 4/6 - 13/8Shotton steelworks and Connah's Quay, FlintshireO
Rose-coloured starling6/6 - 11/6Gowerton, GowerOOO
Red-footed falcon12/6 - 13/6Llyn Berwyn, CeredigionOOO
Yellow-rumped warbler (ringed)18/6Skokholm, PembrokeshireO
Night heron18/6 - 19/6Cosmeston Lakes CP, East GlamorganOOO
Common rosefinch22/6 - 24/6Skomer, PembrokeshireO
Caspian tern (colour-ringed)25/6 - 29/6, 3/7 - 5/7Sker Point, East Glamorgan, then National Wetlands Centre, CarmarthenshireO
Red-backed shrike26/6Cwm Ivy, GowerOOO
King eider26/6 - 31/12Aberaeron, then Ynys Las, CeredigionO
Cattle egret28/6National Wetlands Centre, PembrokeshireOOO
Wilson's Petrel1/732 km off PembrokeshireO
Cattle egret4/7Llantwit Major, East GlamorganOOO
Marsh warbler (ringed)9/7Shotton Pools, FlintshireO
Spotted crake9/7Shotton Pools, FlintshireO
Caspian gull (ringed X290 in Poland 2016)12/7Newport, Pembrokeshire (previously Ceredigion in March 2017)O
Common rosefinch13/7Cross Inn Forest, CeredigionO
Sooty tern (reported)13/7Valley Cob, AngleseyO
Lesser yellowlegs (probable)14/7Shotton, FlintshireO
Cattle egret16/7Llandegfedd Reservoir, GwentO
Cattle egret17/7Skokholm, PembrokeshireOOO
Temminck's stint18/7Aberaeron, CeredigionOOO
Cattle egret20/7, 8/8Newport Wetlands, then Peterstone Wentlooge, GwentO
Ring-billed gull22/7Afon Leri, CeredigionOOO
Caspian tern24/7Kenfig NNR, East Glamorgan, then National Wetlands Centre, CarmarthenshireO
Black kite24/7Ewenny Down, East GlamorganO
Spotted crake (probable)2/8Gronant, DenbighshireOOX
Ring-billed gull6/8Carew Pond, PembrokeshireO
Cattle egret7/8 - 8/8National Wetlands Centre, CarmarthenshireOOO
Bonaparte's gull12/8Cardiff, East GlamorganO
Caspian gull12/8Llanrhystud, CeredigionO
Cattle egret13/8Ogmore-by-Sea, East GlamorganOOO
Semipalmated sandpiper12/8 - 13/8Sully, East GlamorganO
Great shearwater (10)15/8from Fishguard-Rosslare ferry, PembrokeshireO
Melodious warbler17/8Skomer, PembrokeshireO
Bee-eater18/8Llanarth, CeredigionO
Great shearwater19/8Skokholm, PembrokeshireOOO
Cory's shearwater24/8Bardsey, CaernarfonshireO
Greenish warbler (possible, calling)24/8Bardsey, CaernarfonshireO
Corn Crake26/8Bwlch y Groes, PembrokeshireOOO
Great shearwater26/8Bardsey, CaernarfonshireOOO
Woodchat shrike26/8 - 29/8Reynoldston, East GlamorganOOO
Great shearwater27/8Grassholm, PembrokeshireO
White-winged Black Tern27/8Strumble Head, PembrokeshireOOO
Bonelli's Warbler sp.30/8 - 31/8Skomer, PembrokeshireO
Pectoral sandpiper30/8Skokholm, PembrokeshireOOO
Bluethroat (ringed)31/8Teifi Marshes, PembrokeshireOOO
Melodious warbler1/9 - 2/9, probable 6/9St David's, PembrokeshireOOO
Ortolan bunting1/9Bardsey, CaernarfonshireO
Surf scoter2/9Llanddulas, DenbighshireO
Lesser yellowlegs3/9Kenfig NNR, East GlamorganO
Ring-billed gull4/9, 28/9RSPB Ynys-hir, CeredigionO
Bonaparte's gull (probable)12/9New Quay, CeredigionO
Purple heron13/9Margam Park, East GlamorganO
Buff-breasted sandpiper15/9-16/9Bardsey, CaernarfonshireOOO
Common rosefinch19/9Great Orme, CaernarfonshireO
Pectoral sandpiper19/9Kidwelly Quay, CarmarthenshireO
Glossy ibis (probable)20/9over Newport, GwentO
Lesser yellowlegs20/9National Wetlands Centre, CarmarthenshireO
Spotted crake22/9Newport Wetlands, GwentOOO
Buff-breasted sandpiper (possible)23/9Dale, PembrokeshireO
Red-necked phalarope21/9-25/9National Wetlands Centre, CarmarthenshireOOO
Western Bonelli's warbler (trapped and ringed)24/9Skokholm, PembrokeshireO
Blyth's reed warbler (possible)24/9Skokholm, PembrokeshireO
Barred warbler (trapped and ringed)24/9 - 25/9Skokholm, PembrokeshireO
Red-breasted goose (unknown origin)24/9RSPB Ynys-hir, CeredigionO
Greenish warbler24/9Martin's Haven, PembrokeshireOOO
Ortolan bunting (probable)25/9Pen Anglas Point, PembrokeshireO
Red-necked grebe26/9, 4/10 - 7/10Soldier's Point, then Beddmanarch Bay, AngleseyO
Citrine wagtail27/9Llanrhystud, CeredigionO
Barred warbler28/9Great Orme, CaernarfonshireOO
Melodious warbler28/9 - 6/10Skokholm, PembrokeshireOOO
Red-necked phalarope28/9Skomer, PembrokeshireOOO
Booted warbler29/9 - 30/9Rhossili Bay, GowerO
American golden plover30/9 - 8/10Dinas Dinlle, CaernarfonshireOOO
Pallid harrier1/10Connah's Quay NR, FlintshireO
Glossy ibis2/10Parc Slip NR, East GlamorganO
Nightingale6/10Bardsey, CaernarfonshireO
American golden plover6/10 - 18/10Gann estuary, PembrokeshireOOO
Lesser whitethroat (possible blythi race)6/10 - 7/10Bardsey, CaernarfonshireO
Melodious Warbler8/10Skokholm, PembrokeshireO
Spotted Crake9/10Welsh Wildlife Centre, PembrokeshireOOO
Glossy Ibis9/10Newport Wetlands, GwentO
Rock Thrush14/10 - 3/11Pwll Du, GwentO
Bluethroat (ringed)14/10Newport Wetlands, GwentO
Red-necked Grebe8/10 - 15/10Inland Sea, AngleseyOO
Isabelline Shrike15/10 - 16/10Breakwater CP, AngleseyO
Rosy Starling16/10Connah's Quay, FlintshireO
Radde's Warbler20/10Skomer, PembrokeshireOOO
Olive-backed Pipit22/10 - 25/10St Brides, PembrokeshireOOO
Radde's Warbler (ringed)26/10Skokholm, PembrokeshireOOO
Red-breasted Flycatcher27/10SkomerOOO
Siberian Chiffchaff (tristis)27/10 - 28/10Mewslade Bay, GowerO
Siberian Lesser Whitethroat (probable)28/10Bardsey, CaernarfonshireO
Pallid Harrier (possible)30/10St David's Head, PembrokeshireO
Siberian Chiffchaff (tristis)26/10 - 31/10Bardsey, CaernarfonshireOOO
Long-billed Dowitcher1/11Skokholm, PembrokeshireO
Siberian Stonechat2/11Skomer, PembrokeshireO
Olive-backed Pipit (probable)2/11Skokholm, PembrokeshireO
Pallas' Warbler3/11Middleton, GowerOOO
Cattle Egret8/11 - 10/11St David's, PembrokeshireOOO
Great Shearwater12/11Strumble Head, PembrokeshireOO
Rosy Starling12/11 - 14/11Roch, PembrokeshireOOO
Siberian Chiffchaff (tristis) (2)17/11Skomer, PembrokeshireO
Corncrake19/11Bardsey, CaernarfonshireO
Cattle Egret23/11St Dogmael's, PembrokeshireOO
Surf Scoter (up to two)24/11 - 30/12Llysfaen, DenbighshireO
Siberian Chiffchaff (tristis)26/11Lisvane Reservoir, East GlamorganO
Cattle Egret (2)26/11 - 29/11Ynyslas, CeredigionO
Rosy Starling26/11 - 30/11St Florence, PembrokeshireOO
Central Asian Lesser Whitethroat (ringed)27/11 - 30/11Morfa Dinlle, CaernarfonshireO
Cattle Egret18/10, 13/11 - 4/12Pont Marquis, AngleseyO
Central Asian Lesser Whitethroat (ringed)2/12Nant Gwynant, CaernarfonshireO
Ring-billed Gull3/12 - 30/12Llys y Fran Reservoir, PembrokeshireO
Ring-necked Duck11/12Llangorse Lake, Brecknockshire
Lesser Whitethroat (eastern race?)14/12 - 16/12Private garden, Holyhead, Anglesey
Ring-necked Duck12/12 - 29/12National Wetlands Centre, Carmarthenshire
Surf Scoter19/12Marros Sands, CarmarthenshireO
Cattle Egret30/12 - 31/12Ynyslas, CeredigionO

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