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The archive of reports prior to December 2016 is on our old website, produced by North Wales birder Robin Sandham. Please note that the rare and scarce species mentioned here are subject to acceptance by the British Birds Rarities Committee and the Welsh Records Panel.

August 2019 – Fea’s Petrel off Bardsey, Balearic and Great Shearwaters

July 2019 – breeding Savi’s Warblers and Roseate Terns on Anglesey

June 2019 – rare warblers in Gwynedd and unseasonal ducks and divers

May 2019 – Myrtle Warbler, American Golden Plover, Western Orphean Warbler

April 2019 – Bonaparte’s Gull, Ring-necked Duck, Crane, Dotterel

March 2019 – Siberian Chiffchaff, Turtle Dove, Glossy Ibis

February 2019 – Caspian Gull, Red-rumped Swallow and unseasonably early hirundines

January 2019 – Ferruginous Duck, King Eider, Ring-billed Gull, Rosy Starling 

December 2018 – Royal Tern on Anglesey and in Pembrokeshire

November 2018 – Bonaparte’s Gull, Pallid Swifts, Tawny Pipit, Isabelline Shrike, Baird’s Sandpiper

October 2018 – unusual ducks and Siberian vagrants

September 2018 – Pallid Harrier, Baird’s Sandpipers and good numbers of Grey Phalaropes and Wrynecks
June – August 2018
– Snowy Owl and female King Eider still around, Great Shearwater, Glossy Ibis May 2018 –
April – May 2018 – Green Heron, Eastern Subalpine Warbler, Blyth’s Reed Warbler, Iberian Chiffchaff
January – March 2018 – American Herring Gull, Bonaparte’s Gull, Snowy Owl

December 2017 – Siberian Lesser Whitethroat, Ring-billed Gull, Ring-necked Duck, Cattle Egrets
November 2017 – Central Asian Lesser Whitethroats, Long-billed Dowitcher, Siberian Stonechat
October 2017 – Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush, Isabelline/Daurian Shrike, Sibe Lesser Whitethroat
September 2017 – Booted Warbler, Western Bonelli’s Warbler, Bonaparte’s Gull, Citrine Wagtail
August 2017 – Semipalmated Sandpiper, Caspian Gull, Woodchat Shrike, Bee-eater
July 2017 – King Eider, Caspian Tern, Caspian Gull, Ring-billed Gull, Temminck’s Stint
June 2017 – Yellow-rumped Warbler, King Eider, Caspian Tern, Red-footed Falcon, Night Heron
May 2017 – Broad-billed Sandpiper, Dark-eyed Juncos, Crag Martin, Great Snipe
April 2017 – Black-browed Albatross, Black Kite, Lesser Yellowlegs, Bonaparte’s Gull
March 2017 – Caspian Gull, Red-rumped Swallow, Cranes, Ring-billed Gull, multiple Cattle Egrets
February 2017 – Red-flanked Bluetail, American Wigeon, Ring-billed Gulls, Surf Scoters
January 2017 – Red-flanked Bluetail, Siberian Chiffchaffs, Ring-necked Duck

December 2016 – Black-throated Thrush, Cattle Egrets, American Golden Plover
November 2016 – Masked wagtail, Squacco Heron, Hume’s Warbler, Siberian Chiffchaffs
October 2016 – Red-flanked bluetail, Black-browed Albatross, Booted Warbler
September 2016 – Lesser yellowlegs, Buff-breasted Sandpiper, fall of Wrynecks
August 2016 – Fea’s/Zino’s Petrel, Western Bonelli’s Warbler, Semi-palmated Sand
July 2016 – Spotted Sandpiper, Great White Egrets, Golden Oriole
June 2016 – two Broad-billed Sandpipers, Gull-billed Tern, White-winged Black Tern
May 2016 – Lammergeier, Blyth’s Pipit, Terek Sandpiper, Squacco Heron
April 2016 – Broad-billed sandpiper, Eastern Subalpine Warbler, Am Golden Plover

The archive of reports prior to December 2016 is on our old website:
March 2016 – Common Crane, Black Kite, Glossy Ibis, Siberian Chiffchaffs (tristis)
February 2016 – Siberian Chiffchaffs, Lesser Scaup, Glossy Ibis, Ring-billed Gull
January 2016 – Possible Hume’s warbler, Lesser Scaup, Glossy ibis, Ring-billed Gull

December 2015 – Siberian chiffchaff, Surf Scoters, Glossy Ibis
November 2015 – probable Pallid Swift, Surf scoters, Siberian chiffchaff
October 2015 – Red-flanked bluetail, Alpine swift, Ring-necked duck, Sibe chiffchaff
September 2015 – Long-billed dowitcher, Pallid harrier, Black kite, Temminck’s stint
August 2015 – Barolo shearwater, European bee-eaters, Ring-billed gull
July 2015 – Gull-billed tern, Rose-coloured starling, Temmick’s stint, Gt Shearwater
June 2015 – Cretzschmar’s bunting, Swainson’s thrush, cedar waxwing (dead)
May 2015 – black storks, Bonaparte’s gull, pectoral sandpipers, corncrake
April 2015 – great spotted cuckoo, stone-curlew, red-breasted flycatcher
March 2015 – ring-necked duck, Bonaparte’s gulls, little bunting, green-winged teal
February 2015 – Green-winged teals, lesser scaup, Bonaparte’s gull, little bunting
January 2015 – Two-barred crossbill, lesser scaup, bean geese, Caspian gull

December 2014 – Caspian gull, Siberian lesser whitethroat, latest ever Manxies
November 2014 – Blyth’s pipit, lesser scaups, purple heron, surf scoters
October 2014 – Great Snipe, Barolo Shearwater, Desert Wheatear, Lesser Scaup
September 2014 – Lesser yellowlegs, lesser scaup, greenish warbler, short-toed lark
August 2014 – Citrine wagtail, Western Bonelli’s warbler, Crane, Melodious warbler
July 2014 – Pectoral sandpiper, great white egret, purple sandpipers
June 2014 – Blyth’s reed warbler, white-winged black tern, night heron
May 2014 – Black stork, Savi’s warbler, Blyth’s reed warbler, black-headed bunting
April 2014 – Franklin’s gull, black stork, white stork, stone-curlew, cranes
March 2014 – great spotted cuckoo, two-barred crossbill, Bonaparte’s gulls
February 2014 – Ross’s gull, two-barred crossbills, Bonaparte’s gull, lesser scaup
January 2014 – Thayer’s gull, Bonaparte’s gull, surf scoters, lesser scaup

December 2013 – Glossy ibis, surf scoters, ring-necked duck, green-winged teal
November 2013 – Western orphean warbler, Penduline tit, cirl bunting
October 2013 – Pied wheatear, Isabelline wheatear, Olive-backed pipit
September 2013 – Fea’s petrel, Blyth’s reed & Booted warbler, Isabelline wheatear
August 2013 – citrine wagtail, possible Hudsonian whimbrel, great shearwater
July 2013 – surf scoter, lesser yellowlegs, long-billed dowitcher, pectroral sandpipers
June 2013 – paddyfield warbler, buff-breasted sandpiper, greenish warbler
May 2013 – Indigo bunting, black stork, Iberian chiffchaff, black-headed wagtail
April 2013 – pallid harrier (Welsh first), woodchat shrikes, western subalpine warbler
March 2013 – lesser scaups, bean geese, ring-billed gull, Bonaparte’s gull
February 2013 – lesser scaups, ring-billed gull, Bonaparte’s gull, rose-coloured starling
January 2013 – lesser scaup, Bonaparte’s gulls, surf scoters

December 2012 – green-winged teal, rough-legged buzzard, yellow-browed warbler
November 2012 – desert wheatear, red-headed bunting, waxwing invasion
October 2012 – citrine wagtail, lesser scaup, possible thrush nightingale
September 2012 – semi-palmated & buff-breasted sandpiper, red-rumped swallow
August 2012 – gull-billed tern, greenish warbler, melodious warbler
July 2012 – Woodchat shrike, glossy ibis, corncrake
June 2012 – Gull-billed tern, black-headed bunting, rose-coloured starlings
May 2012 – Baillon’s crake, black kites, red-rumped swallow, black-winged stilt
April 2012 – White storks, little bittern, black kite, Kentish plover
March 2012 – Surf scoters, stone-curlew, glossy ibises, black redstarts
February 2012 – Common yellowthroat, glossy ibises, Iceland gull influx
January 2012 – Kumlien’s gull, glossy ibis influx, Bonaparte’s gull, lesser scaup

December 2011 – Great white egrets, black brant, lesser scaup
November 2011 – Pallid swift, Isabelline wheatear, Desert wheatear
October 2011 – Pallid harrier, Isabelline shrike, Blyth’s reed warbler

June 2010 – Marmora’s warbler, white-throated sparrow, great reed warbler
May 2010 – Iberian chiffchaff, alpine swift, Temminck’s stints
April 2010 – black duck, lesser scaup, white storks
March 2010 – great spotted cuckoo, pallid swift, purple heron
February 2010 – black kite, surf scoters, lesser scaup
January 2010 – black kite, black-throated thrush, Bonaparte’s gull

December 2009 – gyr falcon, lesser scaup, ring-necked duck
November 2009 – cattle egret, rose-coloured starling, surf scoter
October 2009 – glossy ibis, penduline tits, long-billed dowitchers
September 2009 – glossy ibis flock, Baird’s sandpiper, pectoral sandpiper
August 2009 – Wilson’s petrel, Cory’s shearwater, aquatic warblers
July 2009 – brown-headed cowbird, serin, common cranes
June 2009 – royal tern, black stork, cattle egret
May 2009 – laughing gull, alpine swift, great white egret

March 2009 – great spotted cuckoo, Bonaparte’s gull, lesser scaup
February 2009 – Pacific diver, lesser scaup, ring-necked duck
January 2009 – cattle egrets, lesser scaup, gyr falcon