Finding out more
about birds in Wales

Avifauna books
Only two books cover the whole nation. The landmark publication was Birds in Wales by Roger Lovegrove, Graham Williams and Iolo Williams (1994), published by T&AD Poyser (ISBN 0 85661 069 0) and re-issued by A&C Black in 2010 (ISBN 9781408137925). It features the entire Welsh list as it stood at the time, searched out the earliest records, assessed the status of each species over time and reported on some of the 20th century conservation work.

Birds in Wales 1992-2000 by Jonathan Green was published by the Welsh Ornithological Society (2002) and updates Lovegrove et al., while providing a more detailed review of Welsh birds in the 1990s (ISBN 0 95421 450 1). Although now out of print, second-hand copies are available from specialist ornithological dealers.

Work is now in progress to produce a new Birds of Wales: this will be  published in July 2021 and a pre-publication offer at a special price is now available here.

Annual bird report
WOS publishes the Welsh Bird Report, a compendium of all the county/regional bird reports in Wales, published each January as a volume of Birds in Wales and sent to all WOS members. WOS is also one of the partners in the joint RSPB Cymru / BTO / Natural Resources Wales publication, State of Birds in Wales. This is not published annually, but the latest issue was published in 2018 (English/Cymraeg).

Where to see birds in Wales
Where to watch birds in Wales, by David Saunders and Jon Green, published by Helm (4th edition, 2008) features all the places that are known for their birds, with maps of many, and details of access and the wildlife you might expect to see at each time of year (ISBN 9780 71367 484 2). It is, however, out of print.

Best Birdwatching Sites: North Wales, by Alan Davies and Owen Roberts, features 70 sites in Anglesey, Caernarfonshire, Denbighshire and Flintshire. Published by Buckingham Press (revised first edition, 2015). ISBN 9780 95503 394 0. RRP £17.95.

There are also links to maps and county-focused books on each of the counties pages.

Welsh language field guides
Llyfr Adar, a Welsh language imprint of the popular Mitchell Beazley field guide (by Rob Hume and Peter Hayman), introduced by WOS President and broadcaster Iolo Williams, is published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch (2005). ISBN 9781 84527 148 0. RRP £12.50.

List of birds seen in Wales
A checklist of birds recorded in Wales is published by WOS, available here: simple list (pdf), detailed version (MS Excel).

Birds of Conservation Concern Wales 3
The latest status assessment of the conservation status of birds was published in Birds in Wales in 2016, and is available to all here.

Latest bird news
Several county bird clubs or groups of birders maintain recent sightings and share information on blogs, websites and fora – see the relevant counties page. There is also a Birding Wales Facebook page.

An index of papers from WOS journals is available here. All those since 2005 are available to members electronically.

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