What we’ll publish and what it will cost

The book will include chapters on habitats, climate, islands and nature reserves etc. as well as individual species accounts and clear maps showing current distribution and historical distribution changes. It will be produced and published by Liverpool University Press.

The original plan was for a total of 480 pages, but we have assembled so much valuable material, maps and photographs that Council had agreed to expand the book to 608 pages.

We aim to produce this publication on a financial break-even basis.  The project will be run at minimal administrative costs from the Society’s reserves, but the extra 128 pages mean that the original production and publication costs of around £26,000 will now increase to around £33,000. We are not planning to increase the eventual cover price, or any discounted pre-publication offers, but this does mean that we really need to raise substantially more from species sponsorship than our original target. We’re therefore renewing our call to businesses, organisations and individuals to sponsor each species on the current Welsh list. Details of the species sponsorship scheme can be found here.

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