Progress up to March 2020

The front cover

Philip Snow has drafted the painting for the front cover. Hopefully this will inspire some of you to sponsor (another) species for the book.

Species accounts

Out of a total of 451 species currently on the Welsh List, we have now received draft accounts for all but eight. It is hoped that the others will be sent in soon.


Once the species accounts have been checked by all editors and any comments dealt with, they are combined into sections, and these sections are then sent to various people who have agreed to read and comment on them. The species accounts are in six sections, and there will be a seventh section made up of the introductory chapters. Readers will be asked to send in their comments on each section within a month.

Extra pages!

Many of the species accounts written for the new Birds of Wales are quite long, and there are many  tables, graphs, maps and photographs which we would like to include if at all possible.  The current contract with Liverpool University Press allows a length of up to 480 pages, but it is beginning to look as if keeping to this length would involve cutting out valuable material. To have more than this, we would need to raise more money.

Council has agreed to commission an increment of 32 extra pages from Liverpool University Press at a cost of £2,000, taking the overall length of the book up to 512 pages. So please sponsor a new species to help us with this!

We are contracted to deliver the final files to Liverpool University Press by the end of November this year and although the timetable is tight, we are on course to achieve this.

Introductory material

Julian Hughes is taking responsibility for the introductory chapters  and work is proceeding on writing them – several should soon be complete.

Photographs and artwork

Photographic Editor Ben Porter is busy collecting possible photographs. Philip Snow has agreed to do the artwork for the cover; the editors have agreed that the front cover should feature a Manx Shearwater, as Wales holds a higher proportion of the world population of this species than of any other.

Publicity and fund raising

A sub-group is driving publicity and fund raising – at present fund raising is focused on species sponsorship -see Species Sponsorship.

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