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December 2020

Birds in Wales 17:2

Scarce and rare birds in Wales 2019.

October 2021

Birds in Wales 18:1

  • Editorial
  • Crimes against raptors in Wales 1990-2019
  • Features of the nests of Buzzards in north-east Wales, 1978-2011
  • The population status of the Willow Tit in Ceredigion
  • Llysdinam’s contribution to ornithology in mid-Wales
  • Avocet responses to predator activity at Newport Wetland Nature Reserve (please note that the last paragraph on p.46 is subject to an erratum, which can be seen here)
  • Eagles in Wales: a review of ornithological literature, county avifaunas 1889-2000 and Welsh place names
  • Blackcaps wintering in Wales, 1999/2000 – 2020/21
  • Preliminary observations of the impact of non-native pheasants on the abundance and diversity of invertebrates in upland pasture in mid-Wales
  • A Pied Flycatcher – one of many
  • Montagu’s Harrier in Pembrokeshire and an historic photograph
  • A tribute to Graham Rees
  • A gallery from the first WOS photo competition

October 2021

Birds in Wales 18:2

Scarce and rare birds in Wales 2020

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