2019 – Tony Cross

WOS Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 Tony Cross
It seems premature to nominate Tony for a ‘lifetime’ achievement award as the boy is still going strong, active as ever. But the amount achieved already certainly merits this award from WOS.
Tony grew up in Shropshire, where he started a ringing career that quickly took over his life. He moved to Aberystwyth to study Environmental Science at the University, graduating in 1985. During his time as an undergraduate he started his long term study of Ravens, covering large areas of mid-Wales on his bicycle.
Tony began his career with the Nature Conservancy Council, working on Red Kites, starting a long association with what really should be our national bird. Contracts with RSPB, CCW and others followed, on species such as Dippers and Buzzards, but Red Kites continued to loom large. Until 1994, when funding ceased, Tony led Welsh Kite monitoring, including egg and chick manipulation to increase their productivity. When the Welsh Kite Trust was established, Tony became its main consultant, managing the monitoring programme and the day-to-day running of the trust and its membership.
At the same time Tony started work on Choughs, developing the nestboxes that have proved very successful and starting his colour ringing project that developed into the major Cross-Stratford Chough study for which Tony and Adrienne were awarded the BTO Marsh Award in 2016.
Tony has carried out many other projects, too many to catalogue here, including satellite-tagging of Honey-buzzards, surveys and radio-tagging of Nightjars across Wales, colour ringing studies of Hawfinch, and satellite tagging and colour-ringing of Golden Plovers. He also helped set up the Mid Wales Ringing Group and continues to train new ringers.
We know there are many more years of active service yet to come, but we suspect he’ll never stop, so now is as good a time as any to recognise Tony’s worthy receipt of the WOS Lifetime Achievement Award.

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