From Scotland to The Gambia to Wales – and from Wales to The Gambia

Thanks to the efforts of the Osprey Leadership Foundation, the Rutland Osprey Group, the Kartong Bird Observatory and many local birdwatchers and guides, The Gambia is a well-known wintering area for large numbers of European-bred Ospreys. In the winter of 2018-19 one of the Ospreys seen there was Blue LJ2, originally ringed in Argyll, Scotland, earlier in the year. In January 2020, Blue LJ2 was seen again at Kartong and was one of three Ospreys mist-netted in the wetland area there (picture by Colin Cross). Later, in the summer of 2020, the same bird was seen at the Cors Dyfi nest in Wales on its first exploratory migratory journey northwards scouting out potential breeding sites. The Kartong Bird Observatory celebrates its tenth anniversary this year and now has an expert team of local Gambian ringers and birders. They have greatly expanded our knowledge of the winter ecology of European breeding raptors, seabirds (especially terns) and passerines and they’re well worth your support – contact if you’d like to help. The picture below shows the first sighting of Blue LJ2 in The Gambia in December 2018. And now there’s even more great Osprey news from The Gambia: Natoura Guide Dembo Sonko observed Osprey KC2 on 24th November that was hatched at the Glaslyn Osprey Project in North Wales in 2020. Fantastic to know the youngster has migrated and arrived safely in The Gambia –  the bird was seen at Farasutu Community Forest, having started her migration from Wales on Aug 24th. Well done Dembo – and well done KC2!


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