Your personal information: WOS policy

data protection image (Stuart Miles,

As a small not-for-profit organisation, which only uses personal data for the purpose of “providing or administering activities for its members”, WOS is exempt from registering with the Information Commissioner. However, we still comply with the data protection principles of good practice.

This page sets out our policy on the use and storage of personal data, and how you can make a subject access request.

The only personal data collected by WOS are the details sufficient to ensure that we can correspond with you, as members of the Society or as attendees at our events.

Purpose of data collection:
The Welsh Ornithological Society collects and stores membership data in electronic form for the purposes of establishing or maintaining membership or support as a Society not established or conducted for profit. It allows the Society to provide or administer activities for individuals who are members of the Society or have regular contact with it.

Data subjects are restricted to any person the processing of whose personal data is necessary for the above purpose.

Data classes:
Data which are necessary for the above purpose, for example names, addresses, identifiers or eligibility for membership.

Disclosures, other than those made with the consent of the data subjects are restricted to those third parties which are necessary for the above purpose.

The personal data are not kept after the relationship between the Society and the data subject ends, unless and for so long as it is necessary to do so for the above purpose. Under normal circumstances, personal data will be deleted 12 months after a membership has lapsed, or three months after an event on which a non-member booked. The Society will remove details within three months of being notified of the death of a member.

Subject access requests:
You have the right to ask us to provide you with personal data that we hold about you. We charge £10 to cover our administrative costs to do this. If you wish to make a subject access request, please contact our Membership Secretary.