Most Welsh birders will know that the Curlew is in serious decline as a breeding bird in Wales. Whilst we know some of the main breeding areas- and research is currently being undertaken in some of these areas by the BTO and RSPB – we still don’t have a complete picture of where Curlews are nesting, or attempting to nest, across the whole country. There are likely to be some parts of the breeding population which are under-recorded, or not even recorded at all.

The Curlew is our ‘poster bird’ for 2021 and we are asking all birders to send in records of Curlews seen between April and the end of August. We don’t need coastal records which will be covered by the WEBS counts, but all inland records are important. Please help us to gather as many records as you can, without disturbing any birds that might be nesting.

Curlew – our poster bird for 2021 and more about World Curlew Day

Last year part of our celebration of World Curlew Day – 21st April – included a painting by David Wettner. David has very kindly sent us another painting, of a parent Curlew with a chick hatching, which we are using to publicise World Curlew Day and the plight of breeding Curlew across Wales. The ECHOES project is hosting a World Curlew Day webinar – do register and take part.

Please have a look at how you can help by sending in records from April to August and feast your eyes on the beautiful collection of photographs and paintings of Curlews – all taken in Wales.

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